Permanent Hair Removal Options

Take our quiz (or call us for a consultation) to see whether Electrolysis or Laser Hair removal is right for you.

Answer Each Question about one Particularly Troublesome Area that You’d Like to Treat First.

cropped-cropped-cropped-images-8.jpg1. My problem area is:

A. Eyebrows, Face, Cheeks, Lips, or Chin.

B. Underarms or Bikini Area.

C. Legs.

D. Other.

2. My hair in that area is:

A. Light in color.

B. Medium in color.

C. Dark in color.

D. A mix (for instance, salt & pepper).

Your Results. 

If your problem area has dark hair and is not near your eyes,  you may be a candidate for successful laser hair removal.

However, if you have light hair, or you want to have your eyebrows done, you’ll want to get Electrolysis.

For our clients with salt & pepper hair, they oftentimes do a few treatments with Laser to get the dark hair, and then finish up the grey hairs with Electrolysis.