Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular methods of hair removal, especially for those of us who live in the beautiful sunshine state.

Why?  Because Laser Hair Removal is very  tolerable, very effective, and safe.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is Laser Hair Removal considered permanent hair removal?

Answer: Yes, laser is permanent hair reduction.

What is permanent hair reduction?

Answer: Laser (permanent hair reduction) can destroy hair permanently but is limited by hair color and occasionally skin color. It only destroys hair in the deepest (anagen phase) of hair growth so multiple treatments are needed to allow the hairs to cycle into the correct cycle of hair that contains pigment.

How many treatments does it take with the laser to finish an area?

Answer: Laser is a series of treatments. Many factors determine how many treatments are necessary, such as how often you wax or tweeze, and how much energy we are able to apply to your skin comfortably and safely.  Laser Hair removal works best with dark hair.  If hairs are mixed in color, it is best to use laser hair removal and follow up with Electrolysis if necessary for blonde or gray hairs.  Most areas average 6 to 7 treatments.  Some patients receive maximum benefits in as little as 3 treatments.

What areas are best for Laser treatments as opposed to Electrolysis?

Answer:  Large areas are easier to treat with laser, especially if the hair is dark.  Common areas treated with Laser Hair removal include Bikini (or Brazilian), underarms,  legs, arms, abdomen, breast, toes and fingers.

What areas can not be  treated?

Florida law  does not allow Eyebrows to be treated with lasers for hair removal.

Can Laser be used on a pregnant woman?

Answer: No. Florida law does not allow women to be treated while pregnant.  Electrolysis can be used as an alternative.

Do men commonly get laser hair removal?

Answer: Yes, we do have male clients who have laser treatments.

Is Laser used on teens?

Answer: Yes, We will treat children  with the parent’s consent.

If you’re bothered, uncomfortable, or embarrassed by any excess hair on your face or body – please call us for a consultation.

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I’m so thrilled with the work that you have done on me. Even in the middle of winter, I can throw on shorts and go to the gym, without fear of what my legs are going to look like. Thanks, Cindy!” – Nicole Dean, Pensacola