Laser Hair Removal-Permanent Results, Smooth Skin, Beautiful You!!

  • Excessive hair can be both annoying and painful.

  • Ingrown hairs can be treated successfully with laser hair removal in just one treatment.

  • An IPL is not the same as a Laser for Hair Removal.  While both can be used, A Laser is the proven, most effective method of the two types of lights used for permanent results.

  • IPL advertises itself as laser so how will you know which type you are receiving?  Ask!  If the handheld device is rectangular it is IPL. A small round beam is a true laser for hair removal/

  • With a combination of Laser and Electrolysis, any skin type or hair type may be treated with permanent Results.

  • Freedom from unwanted hair can be achieved successfully with the proper equipment and most qualified Certified Medical Electrologists.