Laser Hair Removal-Permanent Results, Smooth Skin, Beautiful You!!

Excessive hair can be both annoying and painful. Ingrown hairs can be treated successfully with laser hair removal in just one treatment. An IPL is not the same as a Laser for Hair Removal.  While both can be used, A Laser is the proven, most effective method of the two types of lights used for permanent results. IPL advertises itself as laser so how will you know which type you are receiving?  Ask!  If the handheld device is rectangular it is IPL. A small round beam is a true laser for hair removal/ With a combination of Laser and Electrolysis, any skin type or hair type may be treated with permanent Results. Freedom from unwanted hair can be achieved successfully with the proper equipment and most qualified Certified Medical...

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of hair from the body using a fine probe to introduce current to the bottom of the hair follicle, causing destruction of the follicle. Call us for a free consultation to see if Electrolysis is right for you.